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Should christians accept everything in the Old Testament as truly from God?
(January 17, 2017)

I was intending getting onto some more positive topics, but I decided I needed to have one more look at this matter. My previous post, Did God command killings in the Old Testament or was that a misunderstanding?, examined an incident where Jehu became king of Israel by killing the former king, Joram. In discussion […]

Did God command killings in the Old Testament or was that a misunderstanding?
(January 6, 2017)

Arguments rage about the Bible and how we should interpret it, especially about the Old Testament. Conservative christians are often critical of those who take a “liberal” view, which conservatives see as destructive and unfaithful, while sceptics tend to see the conservatives as not following the evidence. Is there any way to break through on […]

Does everyone deserve a chance at redemption?
(October 5, 2016)

The football team I follow has just won its first premiership after 50 years in the competition. There has been much rejoicing! But this isn’t, primarily, a post about football, but about people who make mistakes, and the possibilities our culture allows for redemption and restoration.

Sometimes words are not required
(September 9, 2016)

These three emails dropped into my Inbox within an hour today, in the order I show them.

Three views on christianity and politics
(May 21, 2016)

The combination of religion and politics can be explosive. It is very easy to hold our political views with religious zeal, and I am not always an exception. And so we often think that God is on our side of politics. (Or else we think God stands in the middle between the two polarised views.) […]

Giving flowers, living in the opposite spirit
(March 25, 2016)

Spiritual principles series Dealing with refugees is one of the most intractable problems facing governments across the western world. Not only is it difficult to control the number of people seeking asylum from crossing borders, but there is the fear that among the asylum seekers may be Taliban of DAESH fighters bent on suicide terrorism. […]

A short rant
(February 3, 2016)

aka “a simple desultory philippic” a We interrupt this series on difficult questions for a short rant. Please move along quickly!

I remember when the world was very different
(November 18, 2015)

This is an adapted re-blog from Is there a God? I’m not sure if I was a normal boy, but I always loved maps. So one of my favourite books was the Oxford University World Atlas. I loved it because of the diversity of its maps – it even included details on the solar system […]

Christians and abortion
(September 25, 2015)

Can christians find a loving and ethical response in the abortion debate?

When does human life begin?
(September 12, 2015)

Difficult issues series We have seen (Who were the first human beings?) that it is difficult, perhaps impossible, to say when in natural history the first human beings existed. Quite possibly it was a gradual process over thousands of years. This leads on to a related question: when in the process of sexual reproduction does […]