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Three things to help you on the way …..

Got doubts?

Do you struggle with aspects of your faith that no longer seem right? Do you have significant doubts about God? Or about the Bible?

Do you wonder if science or modern culture have made christian belief irrelevant or unbelievable? Do you want to reconstruct your faith around reasonable beliefs you can hold with confidence and integrity?

There are reasonable answers to these doubts.

Wondering whether you should keep on believing?

Are you reconstructing your faith?

Are you stuck on hard questions like hell, evolution, or universalism?

Think about these questions from a sympathetic and evidence-based viewpoint.

Want to review & resolve?

The world is changing faster all the time, and we need to keep adapting. But how can belief adapt? What is not negotiable and what is flexible?

If you are a christian wanting to deepen your faith and understanding, and try to better follow Jesus in this postmodern world, there’s a lot here that will assist you.

Are you wondering how we should rightly understand Jesus? Do you think there’s more to him than sometimes taught?

Questioning how we should understand the Bible?

Strip away misconceptions and unjustified ideas. Check out what the experts say, based on evidence rather than dogma.

Or if you want quick answers, check out some Quick reads.

Looking for a challenge?

There’s no bigger challenge than following Jesus in bringing the kingdom of God on earth, working for justice and making all things new.

Consider the mission Jesus left his followers.

Do you want to revolutionise the church so it can carry out that mission?

Hopefully these pages will encourage you and challenge you.

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