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This page gives links to pages and key posts on understanding Jesus and his message in his historical and cultural context, and relating this truth to 21st century postmodern people.

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The stories of Jesus and history

Christian faith is based on historical events. How do historians assess Jesus from a historical perspective?

The Gospels as history – how historians assess the gospels.
Jesus and the historians – what secular historians conclude we can know about Jesus.
The reliability of the New Testament text how do we know the text we have today, based on copies of copies, is reliable?
Archaeology and the truth of the Gospels – new discoveries support the accuracy of John’s Gospel.
The Jesus myth theory – what historians say about the historical existence of Jesus.

Understanding Jesus

Understanding Jesus in his historical and cultural setting

Understanding Jesus better – seeing Jesus more through first century Jewish eyes, and less through twenty-first century western filters, can change the way we think about him- and how we follow him.
Jesus – son of God? – can we show that Jesus claimed to be divine using only the conclusions of secular historians?
The resurrection – the historical facts and how to argue that the resurrection really occurred.
Why did Jesus have to die? – a look at the different theological ideas about the atonement.
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