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You are welcome to comment here. The following may help you.

This is a christian site

My aim in this site is to help followers of Jesus work through issues associated with living in this complex 21st century world. I try to do this by offering well researched ideas and inviting thoughtful discussion and input.

All types of christians are welcome, as long as you can contribute constructively.

Non-believers are also welcome if you can contribute constructively, but please remember you are a guest. If you want to discuss christian belief in a critical way, I have another site for that – Is there a God? – and you may feel more at home there.


The internet is a great medium for information and interaction. But discourteous behaviour can ruin this. I want my blog to be a place where visitors feel welcome and safe from being verbally attacked. I see no reason why differences of opinion cannot be expressed politely.

Complimentary and critical comments are equally welcome on this site, as long as they promote friendly conversation. But insulting, rude, aggressive, aggravating, repetitive, silly or irrelevant, off-topic or spam comments may be deleted.

Know when to stop

It’s always helpful to know when to stop. Sometimes it becomes clear that a discussion has little constructive happening, and is likely to degenerate into going round the same points over and over. I will drop out when I think that has happened, and I suggest you may consider that too. If I think repeated comments are becoming spam, I will have to filter them out, I’m sorry.

Who are you?

You can comment anonymously, but please identify yourself with a username (otherwise too many comments from “anonymous” can be confusing). An email address is required, but won’t be made public.

Formatting comments

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Thank you. I hope you enjoy this site!

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  1. Thank you for your kind words. Thank you for your “gift” but I already have plans to remember Jesus’ death and resurrection. I hope you enjoy your memorial.

  2. Regards Differences in belief:
    Not all churches consider belief in the resurrection essential. Nor do all insist on the virgin birth
    These are not minor, to the majority of Christians.

  3. Hi, were you commenting on something particular in this site? (Just trying to understand where you are coming from.)
    There would be very few churches that don’t believe in the resurrection, though some would allow the resurrection to be “spiritual”, not bodily. Likewise I think most churches accept the virgin birth, though this wouldn’t be so important for some. So yes, there is some variability in belief here, as there is about many things. I don’t think christianity requires all believers to be totally conforming, though some churches seem to take that view.

  4. UnkleE I always enjoy reading your well written and well thought out posts. I see the format of the blog has changed and I am thinking of doing something similar. Categorizing different articles or topics seems more helpful than just listing blogs in chronological order.
    Do you have your earlier posts or have you completely redone the site?

  5. Hi Joe, thanks for your kind words.

    Yes, the format has changed, although I don’t think my categorisation of blogs has. I decided to go with a simpler format because half the people on the internet are now using mobile phones. I have also modified my other blog, and with that experience, I may revise this blog again.

    But all the blog posts are still there. You can find them by going through the blog page in the top menu, which is chronological, or else using the tag cloud in the footer to find posts on a particular subject.

    Of course I have also written a lot of pages, so the things I think are most important are listed under Pages in the top menu (plus Faith deconstruction, which I still have a lot to do).

    I’m not sure that tells you what you want to know, but why don’t you email me (in About in the top menu) and we can discuss more, if that would help?

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