Faith for the future

This page last updated July 31st, 2022
Woman facing the future

This page is for those of you want to renew your understanding of faith in Jesus as you go forward.

You may have come to this point through a process of faith deconstruction. You know now what you can no longer believe and live by. But what CAN you hold onto?

Or maybe this is just the next stage in your growth, from a simpler faith to an intellectually respectable faith fit for this complex world.

This is a journey I’ve been on for most of my adult life. I hope you find here not only faith and hope for the future, but a growing sense of excitement and fulfilment.

Below are pages that may help you think and pray through important issues for following Jesus in the twenty-first century.

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Questioning woman

Answering the really big questions
Is there enough information to confidently answer the big questions:
• Is there a God and does he love me?
• Is Jesus God’s son?
• Can I trust the Bible?

Reasons to believe God exists
A faith for the future must be able to stand up to scrutiny, and show reasons why belief is reasonable.

More pages coming soon.

Photo by Elina Sazonova from Pexels