My story

This page last updated September 16th, 2023

For those who like to know more about a blog author, I have two pages telling my story from two different perspectives.

  • Eighty years in the making – how I came to believe in Jesus, why I continue to try to follow him 6 decades later, and how my beliefs have changed along the way.
  • Church and me – my experience of church, how I’ve tried to serve God and people through the church, and some of the lessons I’ve learned.
  • How I learned to love the Bible in a new way. This is a new page, where I tell the story of how a “good Presbyterian laddie” (as my first Minister described me) gradually came to see the Bible in a whole new way.


  1. Well said. The idea of being ‘cut off’ from Israel by banishment being the substitute for execution. God was looking for all the Canaanites to be cut off from their former land. Even their livestock. But the land and its produce were promised.

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