Why believe?

This page last updated July 27th, 2022

Christianity is not just a matter of faith, but of faith based on good evidence. Here are links to pages evaluating the evidence.

For much more information on reasons to believe, see my other website, Is there a God?, especially the pages suggesting how we might know if there indeed is a God.


  1. Hi Eric-
    Just wanted to drop in to say I’ve enjoyed reading your comments over at Finding Truth lately. I did not respond there because I’m trying my best to stay out of that conversation. I just don’t find it fruitful, which has been the case for a while and I haven’t been able to tear myself away. We’ll see how this time goes.

  2. Hi Josh, thanks for the support. I think most of it isn’t fruitful either, but I appreciate Nate and enjoy discussing with him.

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