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Archaeological evidence for Bethlehem
(May 27, 2012)

Just a week ago I commented on the lack of archaeological evidence for Bethlehem at the time of Jesus – it was known only from about the fourth century on. I said: “Archaeologists have found little that could identify the town of Bethlehem in the first century, leading a few to argue that it didn’t […]

Who's afraid of Yahweh?
(February 7, 2012)

It doesn’t take long before a thoughtful Bible reader comes across some rather odd and nasty things, especially in the Old Testament. And non-believers use the odd and nasty things as a weapon against christians: “How can you believe in a God who is genocidal?” they might say. What are we to make of these […]

CS Lewis' trilemma – not so effective now?
(December 30, 2011)

I have been a CS Lewis fan since my youth. So I remember being impressed by his argument, in Mere Christianity, that Jesus was divine. He could not have been merely a great moral teacher, Lewis argued, for his claims were such that either he was mad, or evil, or truly the Lord. These days, […]

Interpreting the Old Testament
(August 25, 2011)

A long time ago I noticed that when Jesus and the New Testament writers quoted the Old Testament, they did not always do it literally or accurately, but often used translations and interpretations that did not seem to be present in the original. I felt this was an important fact, so I researched the matter […]

God without religion?
(August 13, 2011)

A friend of mine (G’day T!) sent me this link to a new book called God Without Religion by Andrew Farley (he’s pastor of a church in Lubbock, Buddy Holly’s home town). I think it’s worth a look. Here are some quotes from the article:

Back-to-front Bible?
(July 11, 2011)

Have you come across people, not believers, who have decided to read the Bible from cover to cover to check it out, only to get discouraged and give up round about the book of Numbers? I know I have. There must be a better way!

Should christians obey the Old Testament Law?
(July 3, 2011)

Isn’t it a no-brainer? The Bible is inspired from beginning to end, and Jesus said that not even one tiny piece of the Law could pass away. Doesn’t that settle it? Well, it’s not that simple actually – because no-one obeys it, or even attempts to! It is a pious fiction.

Does fulfilment of Bible prophecy prove anything?
(June 12, 2011)

A long time ago I read a book which (primarily) examined a bunch of Biblical prophecies which had come true in verifiable history, and attempted to estimate the mathematical probability of this happening by guesswork. The book was Science Speaks, by Peter Stoner, a college professor of mathematics and astronomy, and I have just found […]