Tag: Healing

The power of forgiveness
(September 29, 2018)

Some readers may recall, 18 months ago, two posts about the long distance endurance cycling race, the inaugural Indian-Pacific Wheel Race, which tragically ended in the death of one of the leading contestants, Mike Hall. At the time I spoke of the grief many participants and followers of the race felt, and the very sensitive […]

Do normal people take risks for Jesus?
(July 2, 2017)

I am currently re-reading Chasing the Dragon, Jackie Pullinger’s remarkable story of “life and death in Kowloon Walled City”. It tells how the lives of thousands of poor and addicted Hong Kong residents were dramatically changed as they were miraculously healed of heroin addiction. It also speaks to me of how God can use an […]

Plastic brains and hard hearts
(September 14, 2013)

The Bible occasionally talks of people hardening their hearts, or having hard hearts (e.g. Pharaoh in Exodus chapters 7 to 10). This concept is now common in the English language. Brain plasticity suggests it may be closer to literally true than we might have imagined.

Plastic brains and following Jesus
(September 5, 2013)

I’ve been reading a couple of books on the human brain recently, and have been especially impressed by new discoveries about ‘neuroplasticity’. I think they help understand some christian practices I learnt many years ago.

Christian mission and the art of cycle maintenance: Stockbridge Boiler Room
(August 31, 2013)

I have written many times on this blog about problems I see with the way most churches operate. So it is a pleasure to be able to write about a community of christians who seem to be doing things ‘right’.

Miraculous healings: evidence of God's love?
(May 4, 2013)

A few weeks back I posted on an investigation by Craig Keener of accounts of healing miracles around the world, which concluded that perhaps 300 to 400 million christians around the world believed they had experienced, or observed, a miraculous healing. Here is some more information, and an estimation of probability.

Half a billion healings?
(April 7, 2013)

It is a circular argument, but it has been made often, from David Hume down to present day sceptics. There is no believable evidence for genuine miraculous healings, they say. But what about all the stories of people being healed? We know they can’t be true, they say, because no-one has ever shown scientifically that […]

Conversion stories: another part of the picture
(February 9, 2013)

I have commented before on people who decide they no longer believe in Jesus (see Atheists who once were christians, Pastors who once were christians, and Why do some christians give up belief?). But this is only one side of the story. At the same time, a significant number of people from a non-religious background […]

Healing miracles and unbelievers
(October 17, 2011)

Christians pray for healing, and most of us can report times when we have seen God answer those prayers (as well, sadly, times when healing hasn’t been given). These experiences of God’s grace can leave a deep impression on our faith and life. But can they be useful in showing the truth of Jesus to […]

A healing
(October 12, 2011)

Most christians believe that God heals people, but most of us also know that not everyone is healed. We hear various reasons why God doesn’t always heal, but in the end we just don’t know. But it is always encouraging to hear a reliable account of God healing someone.