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Most christians believe that God heals people, but most of us also know that not everyone is healed. We hear various reasons why God doesn’t always heal, but in the end we just don’t know.

But it is always encouraging to hear a reliable account of God healing someone.

So you might be interested in Josh’s Story. It’s not a dramatic healing, but it is encouraging evidence of God’s grace nevertheless.

Does divine healing convince non-believers?

I think it can, in several ways:

  1. There are many reasons we may give for our belief in Jesus, but I think one of the most powerful is receiving a divine healing. This man was healed after the best medical treatment available to him was unable to revive him, but after the prayer of his heart surgeon, he recovered, and he recovered his faith in God. Simple church advocates often find that praying for healing with a non-believer can lead to both healing and faith. Reports indicate one of the main reasons why Muslims convert to christianity is because they have been healed by Jesus.
  2. Many healing miracles also lead to the conversion of close friends and family of the person who was healed – a couple of such stories are in Persian Springs.
  3. For those further removed from these events, healing stories are less likely to convince, but some people may nevertheless be encouraged in their search for God. That is one reason why I searched out the stories recounted in Eleven healings. I think we can use the stories as additional evidence for the truth of christianity rather than a knock-down argument.

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