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A body born again

Book Review: Metanoia by Anna McGahan. Once I started reading this remarkable book I was hooked. I want to tell you why I think it is so worth reading.

Letting go and hanging on ….. and flying!

Who doesn’t enjoy flying a kite? There’s something special about seeing a colourful kite soaring higher and higher while we hold onto the string, feeling somehow in command (even if we’re not). We need at least three things for a kite to fly: We need to let go and allow it to fly. It can’t […]

The power of forgiveness

Some readers may recall, 18 months ago, two posts about the long distance endurance cycling race, the inaugural Indian-Pacific Wheel Race, which tragically ended in the death of one of the leading contestants, Mike Hall. At the time I spoke of the grief many participants and followers of the race felt, and the very sensitive […]

Francis Chan: Giving it all away?

Francis Chan was just a name to me. He was a famous and respected megachurch pastor, speaker and author, but although I had heard his name, I knew nothing more. In 2010 he did the unthinkable, and resigned from the leadership of “his” 5,000 strong megachurch in California, but I remained oblivious – you can’t […]

Today I am grieving

Mike Hall, 1981-2017 Death is ugly, especially when it is someone you love, or someone who died too young, or when it all seems so random and senseless. I never met Mike Hall, and two weeks ago I didn’t even know his name or who he was. But he died yesterday, and I am grieving, […]

The Death Penalty on Trial

Guest post by Shane Claiborne (taken from his Facebook page – see note below) Last month, I was arrested, along with 17 other people, as we held a banner on the steps of the Supreme Court that said: “STOP EXECUTIONS.” We were not blocking doors or disturbing the peace. We were not unruly or disruptive. […]

How many christians does it take to change a light bulb?

Q: How many christians does it take to change a light bulb? A: Change? I think most people have an impression that christians are generally conservative, holding on to traditional values and truths and resistant to change. Is this true? And if so, is it a problem?

Does everyone deserve a chance at redemption?

The football team I follow has just won its first premiership after 50 years in the competition. There has been much rejoicing! But this isn’t, primarily, a post about football, but about people who make mistakes, and the possibilities our culture allows for redemption and restoration.

A short rant

aka “a simple desultory philippic” a We interrupt this series on difficult questions for a short rant. Please move along quickly!

The shocking behaviour of God!

Spiritual principles series We don’t know much about the prophet Habakkuk, but he probably lived around 600 BCE when the Babylonians were becoming powerful and a threat to Jerusalem. Habakkuk is shocked by the violence around him, and asks God how long he will tolerate it. He gets a shocking and surprising answer, but one […]