"A little child shall lead them"?

I usually post matters that I have researched carefully and can present in a reasoned and calm way.

This may be more of a rant, or a bleat, or a lament.

We all know who this is

In just 12 months, Greta Thunberg has come from total obscurity, just another teenager, to become a world celebrity.

And an object of derision, poison and un-evidenced and patronising accusations by middle-aged white men with too much power. I won’t repeat the vitriolic things that have been said – you’ve probably seen enough of them yourself.

And, it would appear, she has become someone to be feared because of her influence.

All this because she believes the consensus science and cares about her future

The science on global warming is clear. The vast majority of climate scientists believe our use of fossil fuels is driving the earth into a dangerous state, and all of us with it.

But, the evidence also seems to be clear (and I will post a more careful analysis of this soon), that the fossil fuel companies and other wealthy conservatives are funding an orchestrated campaign to discredit conclusions they know threaten their future wealth.

But not only do they try to discredit the scientific consensus, but also to demonise and discredit anyone who looks like shifting public opinion on the matter.

Especially a 16 year old girl who has articulately expressed what so many others of us are feeling.

We’ve seen it all before

The tactics are the same as happened when medical science started to prove that smoking was a significant cause of lung cancer. The tobacco companies ran an orchestrated publicity campaign to try to discredit the growing scientific consensus, and convince people of the total untruth that the scientific evidence wasn’t clear and there were arguments both ways.

In the process, many people lost their lives until the scientific consensus won.

There are clear parallels. In the tactics. and even in the identities of some of the players.

And so Greta bears the brunt of this evil campaign.

Won’t be fooled again?

One of the most galling things, for me, is that christians are so easily taken in by this.

I’ve seen christians defend the sceptical view on climate change, based totally on misinformation, quite unaware that there is a strong scientific consensus against climate scepticism. And defend it with passion, like it was somehow part of their christian faith. Which, sadly, I think it may be for some.

I’ve even seen christians join in the feeding frenzy at Greta’s expense, professing concern at her presumed metal state, but attacking and patronising her too. And accusing christians like me of following Marx more than following Jesus.

I wonder if some christians are putting patriotism or conservatism before christianity?

It’s time to pray and act!

Let’s pray ,and act, for the world, so badly suffering because of so many comfortable people’s neglect and apathy. And for the millions of people already suffering from the effects of climate change.

Let us pray, and act, for our brothers and sisters who have been fooled by clever propagandists they thought they could trust, into believing what isn’t true.

Let us resolve to avoid saying and doing things that are more feeding frenzy than faithfulness.

And let us pray, yes, for a 16 year old girl who may already have done more for the wellbeing of our earth and its inhabitants than anyone alive today, that she will be kept safe by God’s care, that she won’t buckle under the burden she so clearly feels and the attacks that attempt to bully her into submission.

I don’t think she is a saint. I don’t know if she even believes in God. But I do believe she is a force for good in our world, and we need such a force more than ever.

God bless you Greta and keep you!

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  1. I just wonder how much she is achieving really. If the sceptics don’t listen to cold , hard science why would they listen to an emotional 16 year old when it’s just so easy to discredit her by saying she knows nothing and should be back in school ?
    I think that the best thing that Greta can do is to finish her schooling, get good results and either form or join an appropriate political party and drum up popular support because like it or not politicians run countries and if people don’t support climate change action, all is lost I’m afraid.

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