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We all know that plastic has got out of control. I can remember when I was a boy and plastics became more readily available and it was great! Suddenly cups were almost unbreakable.

But now plastics are littering land and sea, killing animals and fish that swallow them or get tangled up in them. If you have done community clean-ups as I have done, you’ll know that discarded plastic – bottles, cups, packaging and broken pieces – is everywhere.

And we all know that single use plastic is the worst. Some plastic bags are used for only few minutes to bring food home from the shops, and then discarded, often to lie in waste for years.

Hang on, help is on it’s way!

To the rescue comes all manner of crafty people, with their home-made produce bags. Keep them in your shopping basket, take them to the shops, and use them in the fruit and vegetable market to replace the single use plastic bags that are on offer there (though hopefully not for much longer!). Take the fruit and vegetables home, pack them away and store the bags for next time.

There are bags in different sizes, shapes and colours. Here are three makers in Australia (as shown left to right in the photo above), but I’m sure you can find some online wherever you live (just search for “produce bags”).

What’s not to like?

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  1. I’ve been using calico shopping bags for years. A lot stronger than plastic and much longer lasting.

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