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The heat is on!
(July 14, 2012)

This page is now out of date. Please go to Is the world really heating up? for up-to-date information.

1 billion hungry: the global food crisis
(June 26, 2012)

Almost one billion people, an eighth of the world’s population, are hungry as you read this. Why?

Pastors who once were christians
(June 5, 2012)

Not long ago I commented on the number of Atheists who once were christians I had come across on the web and in real life. Recently, I’m finding former pastors. Many of these guys are still struggling with doubt, unwilling to give up their job and let down the people who depend on them, but […]

Fear vs love
(August 10, 2011)

Hell is being discussed lately, as a result of Rob Bell’s book Love Wins. Some of the questions people are asking are “Should believers fear Hell – and God?” and “Without the threat of hell, would people be good?” It is good these questions are being asked, but I think they miss the point for […]

Christians and financial fraud
(July 17, 2011)

Jesus gave us a high standard for our words, thoughts and actions. None of us can live up to his standard all the time, but most of us try. One area where western christians seem to be tested is financial honesty. And it seems that some of us, including some leaders, are failing the test.