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A new beginning
(June 14, 2020)

A new beginning for this blog. Please update your bookmark.

The times they are a-changin'
(September 3, 2019)

Bob Dylan said it, and it’s still true. This isn’t a post about deep changes in the world, but about this blog. If you read this blog occasionally (or more), you’ll have noticed I’m in the middle of making a significant change in the appearance and layout and I’d love to receive some feedback.

I remember when the world was very different
(November 18, 2015)

This is an adapted re-blog from Is there a God? I’m not sure if I was a normal boy, but I always loved maps. So one of my favourite books was the Oxford University World Atlas. I loved it because of the diversity of its maps – it even included details on the solar system […]

An orgy of writing about myself
(November 27, 2014)

I’ve just added two pages telling a little of my own story from two different perspectives. People who read this blog may want to know where I’m coming from, and experts say that people find a website more trustworthy if they can see a photo of the writer and know a little of their story. […]

The only constant is change
(July 16, 2014)

It’s time for a change of theme for this blog. I’ve been considering this for a while, but now I’m going to experiment. The first experiment may ‘work’, or I may have to test several themes.

I'm a guest blogger
(June 8, 2014)

Eva, a fellow Aussie who blogs as The Aspirational Agnostic asked me to write a guest post, and so I tried something different – three short, short stories under the title There is love. You may like to check it out.

I'm a MennoNerd!
(April 23, 2014)

I’ve been a sort of dissident christian for a long time. I believe most of the basic doctrines of the christian faith and I hang out with other christians and do christian stuff. But I don’t fully belong.

WordPress ads
(September 24, 2013)

Recently a sign has started appearing at the bottom of my blog posts (when I view them), telling me some readers may see an advertisement there. I cannot see the ads, and I don’t know how often they appear to readers. I am not entirely happy about this, as I prefer my blog to be […]

Doing without Google Feed Reader
(May 21, 2013)

If you read a number of blogs, you need to keep up with new posts. There are several ways to do this, but subscribing to a feed is one of the best ways. And for several years, the easiest feed reader to use was Google Reader. I had Google reader on my iGoogle home page, […]

I'm a guest blogger
(January 4, 2013)

Since I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve visited many other blogs and met people, believers and unbelievers, who have been variously friendly, encouraging, challenging or critical. Tim is one of those people (friendly and encouraging mainly), and he invited me to write a guest post at his blog, “Just one train wreck after another”. (You’ve […]