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November 28th, 2023 in About. Tags: , ,
Jesus in the temple

the Way? has been going for more than 12 years now. It’s been fun, and I hope helpful to the almost 400,000 people who have visited (about 100 a day on average).

I started the site to assist Christians who were looking to renew their understanding of their faith. As I interacted with these and some of my own friends, I found that the questions and the doubts were becoming deeper.

So I began to re-focus the Way? more specifically on faith deconstruction and reconstruction. And I felt some of the material on the church – how we could do church better in thetwenty-first century – was less relevant to people who were less sure they wanted to be a Christian, let alone attend church or even care about it.

Yet I still feel the state of the church is a major issue that desperately needs attention.

I needed a spin-off

If it’s good enough for movies and TV shows to have spin-offs that move in different directions to the original, why not me?

So I have started a new blog – Let’s overturn these tables – to focus on changing the church to fit our times. (Actually it is an old website that wasn’t really public, that I just used for my own reference, but I have now re-vamped it.) The name comes from a Bob Dylan song plus Jesus’ actions in the Jerusalem temple.

So I’ll be removing some material from the Way? so it can focus on faith reconstruction, and will also be blogging at Let’s overturn these tables.

Thanks for your interest in reading my blog. I hope you’ll continue at one site or the other …. or both!

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