A new beginning

June 14th, 2020 in About. Tags: ,
Road in a forest

I started this blog and website in 2011, just over 9 years ago.

Since that time it has been hosted by WordPress. In return for free hosting, I accept limitations in what I can do, and I accept that WordPress places advertisements on the site.

Recently I discovered that these advertisements slowed the site up considerably, because advertisers insert code to track those who see their ads. There were something like 300 pieces of code, each linking to the advertisers’ sites, and each slowing down the page that you see.

I also wasn’t entirely happy about some of the products being advertised, not that any of them were all that bad.

So I made the change.

The all new “the Way?”

This post begins a new era for this site. I have paid to move it to a webhost (Inmotion), which allows me to add some feature, and means no ads.

It should be faster and better.

  • If you have a bookmark, you’ll need to change it to the-way.info.
  • If you subscribe via email or Facebook, things should just continue as normal.
  • But if you subscribe via WordPress or a feed reader, you’ll need to re-subscribe by email, feed or Facebook.

Read more about Feeds, subscribing and liking.

So I hope you like the revised design and find some new features.

But most of all, I hope you continue to gain fresh insights from some of the content.

Please let me know if you come across a glitch – there are sure to be some!

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