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How well do you know the Christmas story?
(December 18, 2022)

The Christmas story is as old as time. We’ve heard it a hundred times, we’ve seen it, we’ve sung it. But how well do we know it really? Test yourself against these twelve questions. The questions Test yourself with these questions, then scroll down to see how well you went. The answers according to history I’ve […]

If you don't laugh, you cry!
(March 4, 2014)

While we are on the subject of Australia’s attitude to refugees arriving by boat, here is a telling sketch by Aussie satirists John Clarke and Bryan Dawe. (Actually John comes from New Zealand, but works in Australia.) For those not familiar with Aussie politics, the sketch presents hardline Australian Government Minister for Immigration, Scott Morrison, […]

The advantage of being a christian?
(November 4, 2013)

No doubt we could make all sorts of comments, positive or negative, but sometimes it is good just to laugh (ruefully). Cartoon: ASBO Jesus

We pause for a short break: Moses learns science
(March 6, 2013)

This is old now, but I’ve not posted it here before, and it’s sort of appropriate right now. Some critics of the Bible say it cannot be considered true in any sense because it doesn’t contain accurate scientific information. If God had really written the Bible, wouldn’t it be more scientific? Reading this comment years […]

Alice Cooper in Sunday School?
(June 12, 2012)

Alice Cooper used to be considered as evil personified, but now he is a christian believer, some don’t know how to take him. So I enjoyed this interview with him, especially these comments by the reporter: “In the same week, it’s possible that Cooper may be on stage fake-executing himself with a guillotine and helping […]