Tag: christianity

Should we update the creeds?
(May 27, 2024)

Many churches include repeating the Apostles or Nicene Creed during services. But are they still relevant and helpful?

Thinking about the Bible: a conversation between friends
(April 29, 2024)

It’s easy to feel puzzled by the Old Testament. Are the stories really true? Did God really command such killing? Join a conversation that explores these questions.

Understanding the death of Jesus
(March 29, 2024)

Regrettably there are fierce arguments about the exact purpose of Jesus dying. Perhaps this Easter we can have some humility about what is most meaningful to us and about others who find something else more meaningful?

Does Jesus want action more than belief?
(February 21, 2024)

What is the core of Jesus’ life and teachings, the atonement or the Sermon on the Mount? Perhaps they both are central?

Salvation by faith alone?
(February 15, 2024)

Can we be saved by simply believing in Jesus? Is it really so easy? Or do Jesus’ own words show us a little more is required?

Deconstructing Christmas
(December 17, 2023)

If you’re reviewing or deconstructing your faith, what should you think about the Bible’s stories of Jesus’ birth?

The sin of inequality
(November 30, 2023)

Inequality of income and opportunity is the cause of many evils in the world, yet we western Christians find it hard to avoid it. What should we do?

Making assumptions about the Bible?
(October 18, 2023)

What if many of the assumptions we bring to the Bible are actually questionable?

What do the universe, human race, church and Bible have in common?
(August 3, 2023)

Science has given us new understandings of the universe and the evolution of life. Can we learn something of God’s character from all this, and apply this to the Bible?

Doubts, questions and answers
(June 17, 2023)

Are there reasons why we should consider giving up Christian faith? Or are they more problems to solve while still believing?