Christianity is changing

This page last updated May 16th, 2013

Christianity is changing. Of course it has always been changing, but like most other things, it seems to be changing faster these days. Some embrace change, some are fearful of it.

The following posts look at areas of change, in the belief that many of them are from the Holy Spirit – but we are all (collectively) required to discern which are, and are not.

Winds of change

Christianity is changing
Tim Keller, gay marriage and Bible interpretation
Disassembling how we read the Bible?
Revenge, forgiveness, politics, guns and the sanctity of human life
“I love Jesus and I accept evolution”
Dealing with doubt
The slippery slope?
The gospel = the good news, right?
Does the gospel include caring for others?
Rob Bell: heretic, visionary, or …..?


  1. yes Christianity is changing now the people is not following the rules of church especially girls and women. they get married with nonchristians and change their faith and religion. but see to muslim girls, they are not marry any non muslims and didnot change their religion and faith, they didnot make affairs with non muslims. but christian girls and women make affairs with non chirstians. did anyone heard that muslim girls marry any chirstian boy and change her religion?. muslim girls are following the rules of islam, but iam very sorry to say chirstian girls are not following the rules of christianity. No christians have right to say that judas(who betrayed jesus for 30 silver coins) was wrong. Because now everyone is betraying jesus. especially christian girls they marry non christian and changing their faith and betraying jesus christ who is our saviour.

  2. Hi Sanju, thanks for visiting. I think you may not understand, but the New Testament teaches that christianity is not a religion of rules, but of freedom, guided by the Spirit of God. Do you think Islam is a religion of rules?

  3. u think that Christianity is not a religion of rules, it is a religion of freedom guided by the spirit of god, then one think i ask that why some girls or women make affairs and marry non christian. do u think these girls who are get married with non Christians and changing their faith and religion, are guided by the spirit of god?

  4. Hi Sanju, I wonder whereabouts you live? Do you understand that in countries like Australia where i live, although we have a christian culture in our past, we are not a christian country? We are a democracy where people are free to believe what they choose. So the behaviour of people may not at all represent what I as a christian believe is godly.
    Do you live in a country where everyone is forced to conform to Islamic law? Do you think that is preferable to freedom to choose?

  5. Peace,
    There are always, in general, at least three groups of people in any society: (1) Those who sincerely follow what they take as divine guidance, and try to reason with those who violate the guidance (2) Those who, for different reasons, violate divine guidance and (3) those who may themselves follow the guidance but leave the violators alone.
    (Sanju, I am a Muslim in USA. Those few, but Muslim girls do become totally non practicing which is bad enough).
    If a faith X does believe that X is from God, for all times, and is certainly essential to have best possible life in this world and in the hereafter, then we must accept that X should have a system to enforce its values. Just like any country has rules and then have political bodies, courts and law enforcement to keep the society together. You can decide not to join the army. If you do, you have to follow the rules.

  6. Hi Irfan, and peace to you too. Why do you think a faith has to enforce its values? If God gives us freedom to choose whether to follow his ways or not, do you think we should take that God-given freedom away if it doesn’t harm someone else?

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