The future for the church

This page last updated June 26th, 2012

In the western world, there is an increasing gap between the denominational church and the world. Numbers are dropping and the church struggles to keep up with postmodern trends. These posts examine some of the problems, and some of the possible solutions.

The church needs to change

The future of the church
Attracting people to church
Why sermons?
Sermons and effective learning
God without religion?
Sunday services vs discipleship
Burned at the stake
Barriers to belief
Barriers to belief: church abuse
Christian leadership
Barriers to belief: exclusivity
Pastors who once were christians
Christians and cathedrals

Making a positive difference

Why go to church anyway?
The church and God’s plan
Is your church heading in the right direction?
Plant a mission not a church
Books: Make your church a better place
Training disciples to stand

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