Category: making disciples

Looking at the challenges in making disciples for Jesus in the 21st century.

How to make disciples in 2021?

How can we pass on faith to the next generation? Here are some ideas, based on many years of experience, that should be useful to parents and church leaders.

Living the way of Jesus

What if, as well as talking and learning and speaking to others about our faith, we tried to put his radical teachings into practice in our daily lives?

Don Richardson: a blast from the past!

Pioneer missionary returns to the Sawi people of West Papua 50 years after his ground-breaking time with them.

Why do some christians give up belief?

We’re taking a look, over a few posts, in why it is getting harder to make disciples in the western world, and why more christians are dropping out. This post looks at the many different reasons why christians stop believing, and is based my discussions with atheists on forums and blogs over the past six […]