Climate change

This page last updated November 12th, 2012

For decades now, climate scientists have been warning us that the world is headed for a dangerously hot future, which will have dire effects on the weather, the human race and the world’s ecosystems.

The majority of the world accepts this information and wants to do something about it, but it seems that there are segments of society which oppose the consensus. They either don’t accept the science, or they don’t want to see any loss of income or standard of living. In some countries at least, christians seem to be among this minority.

I think christians need to be well informed on this matter, hence these pages.

I am trained as an engineering hydrologist, and for most of my working life I was involved in managing the water cycle in rivers and catchments in NSW, Australia. I am not a climate expert, but I have a good background in the subject, and in climate data and models.

These pages summarise the best facts I can obtain. They are an update of blog posts I originally wrote in 2012.

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