Learning from the Anabaptists

This page last updated December 12th, 2012

Book:The Naked Anabaptist

I have been challenged by reading a book about the Anabaptist tradition within christianity. So I have reviewed some of the core convictions of the Anabaptists, which I believe are very much in the Spirit of Jesus, very relevant to today’s world, and more appealing to non-believers than many other christian traditions.

Here’s the complete set of posts:

  1. The Naked Anabaptist – the book that started me thinking.
  2. Following Jesus – a refreshing approach to christianity.
  3. Interpreting the Bible through Jesus – if he’s the one we’re following, what could be more logical?
  4. After Christendom – making the church look more like followers of Jesus.
  5. Community and Discipleship – living together in a world that sometimes seems to be falling apart.
  6. Spirituality, justice and money – challenging some of western society’s sacred cows.
  7. Peace and non-violence – challenging the idea of “the just war” and finding ways for peace and mediation.

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