Following Jesus 1.01

April 9th, 2020 in Jesus. Tags: , , , ,

Some people have their bucket list – the things they want to do before they kick the bucket.

And occasionally you hear people ask “What would you do if you knew you had one day to live?” The answer is often something wild – eat junk food, drink expensive wine, go crazy, self-indulge.

This evening almost 2000 years ago, Jesus knew he had one day to live. And he chose to wash his disciples’ feet. To serve.

Jesus didn’t ask people to “accept him”, and he didn’t ask people to just believe in him.

He was a rabbi (teacher) and like other rabbis, he asked people to follow him. Meaning walk where he walked, accept his discipline, learn from him and keep to his teachings.

May we all learn to not just be strong in faith, but be strong in obedience and love and serving.

The graphic comes from Free Bible Images

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