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In the five and a half years I have been blogging here, I have posted 360 times. Some of those posts are forgettable, some I think are quite important or innovative. (I like to think so anyway! 🙂 )

But a couple of recent comments suggest to me that one post is important enough to bring to your attention again.

So may I introduce to you ….

Exactly a year ago I posted A revelation of God’s true nature?, and I want to recommend you read it, or re-read it.

I’d be interested in your comments.

What he said

The post started with a dilemma – how do we understand the Old Testament in the light of Jesus, science and archaeology? The Old Testament just doesn’t seem to portray God in a way that looks believable and attractive today.

But I referenced CS Lewis’ view that God began to reveal himself in a limited way through myth, and throughout the Old Testament sharpened the focus until myth had given way to history and the portrait of God came into clear view.

And he made the startling claim that, rather than this understanding being seen as some concession to science or history, it should be seen as a revelation of God’s true character.

I went on to map out some of the conclusions that follow from this insight.

We see God in a new light, not so much as a command and control God but as one who stoops to conquer. The creator of the universe acts as a tender hearted parent patiently leading their child towards maturity, a servant willing to lay down his powers, and eventually his life, to love us.

I hope you read it again and are challenged. And I’d love to hear what you think, agree or disagree.


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  1. I was trying to figure a way how to maneuver through this smorgasbord of thoughts provoking posts. Thanks for this *launching pad* – I think it’s a good place to start O:-)

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