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If Jesus ran for President would he bake a cake?

It’s the beginning of the presidential “race” in the US, and although I live on the other side of the world, the outcome is important for Aussies. (For a start, if America decides to have another war, odds are Australia might join them. 🙁 ) I have heard that Senator Ted Cruz (about whom I […]

Teenage artists make me think

All art, whether visual, written, musical or film, is supposed to reflect something of the mind and world of the artist, and make the viewer, listener or reader think or feel something they might not otherwise do. An exhibition of artworks by High School students did exactly that for me.

An orgy of writing about myself

I’ve just added two pages telling a little of my own story from two different perspectives. People who read this blog may want to know where I’m coming from, and experts say that people find a website more trustworthy if they can see a photo of the writer and know a little of their story. […]

Evangelism in the 21st century

Last post I looked at evangelism methods commonly used in the last 50 years (in my experience) and some reasons why they may be less effective now and in the future. So what should churches be doing now?

Don't plant a church, plant a mission?

When I was a young christian, most churches were part of a denomination and most people knew what denomination they belonged to, even if they never actually attended. People didn’t switch denominations very often. When they moved house, they would generally find the closest church of their denomination and attend it. Most new churches began […]

Do we need Matt Chandler to preach the gospel to our friends?

It was a simple announcement in our church on the weekend. Renowned christian speaker and leader, Matt Chandler, is coming to Sydney and will be speaking at an event. We were told that Matt is a great teacher, the gospel would be preached, and it was a great opportunity to bring our non-christian friends. It […]

The only constant is change

It’s time for a change of theme for this blog. I’ve been considering this for a while, but now I’m going to experiment. The first experiment may ‘work’, or I may have to test several themes.

I'm a guest blogger

Eva, a fellow Aussie who blogs as The Aspirational Agnostic asked me to write a guest post, and so I tried something different – three short, short stories under the title There is love. You may like to check it out.

I'm a MennoNerd!

I’ve been a sort of dissident christian for a long time. I believe most of the basic doctrines of the christian faith and I hang out with other christians and do christian stuff. But I don’t fully belong.

Pope Francis – where's the surprise?

Let’s start the year with a good news story! Since he was elected in March, Pope Francis has been making waves and charming friend and foe alike. It’s worth reviewing.