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All is quiet on New Year's Eve …. not!

Some of the happiest memories of my life are family holidays down the south coast of NSW when I was a boy. We’d go to bed early and at about 1 a.m. mum and dad would wake us up, we’d pack the car and set off. Down Mt Ousley in the night fog while us […]

Larry Hurtado

Larry Hurtado is retired New Testament scholar, Professor Emeritus at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. He has continued hs scholarly work since retiring.

Doing without Google Feed Reader

If you read a number of blogs, you need to keep up with new posts. There are several ways to do this, but subscribing to a feed is one of the best ways. And for several years, the easiest feed reader to use was Google Reader. I had Google reader on my iGoogle home page, […]

I'm a published author!

Or, to be more accurate, I soon will be. It is a phenomenon reported by pollster George Barna, observed by many of us and experienced by some – feeling dissatisfied with church. Not just complaining that something isn’t perfectly the way we like it, or disliking the people, but feeling deeply alienated from the church […]

Christians and financial fraud

Jesus gave us a high standard for our words, thoughts and actions. None of us can live up to his standard all the time, but most of us try. One area where western christians seem to be tested is financial honesty. And it seems that some of us, including some leaders, are failing the test.