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This page last updated June 14th, 2020

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Things change on the web all the time, especially on blogs. Sometimes we intend to keep up with a blog but forget. There are several ways to you can keep up with new posts …..

Email subscription

If you enter your email address below and click on the ‘Subscribe’ button, an email will be sent to you every time a new post appears. The email will include a link to take you straight to the blog. If you want to unsubscribe, there is a link at the bottom of each email.

If you don’t see the buttons below, but rather a message about managing subscriptions, it means you are already subscribed.


You can also subscribe to comments on any individual post by ticking the box below the comment space.

Alternatively, you can apparently use the same button and then elect to receive notification of the post through the WordPress Reader. Every WordPress site has a link to the reader on the top left corner. (For more on “feeds”, keep reading.)


Web feeds (often called ‘RSS’) are the best way (I think) to keep up-to-date with the latest posts. They allow you to automatically receive notification of every new post, or even receive the full text of a post, on your computer, so you don’t miss anything.

They work like this. When a new post is created, a copy of it is added to a special feeds page for the blog. You can then use a feed reader or ‘aggregator’ program, which regular checks this feeds page, to receive notification when new content is available. The post can then be read without actually looking up the blog.

There are many different feed readers and many are free. I use Vienna, which is available to download for free, and opens automatically when I start up my computer each morning. New posts from all the blogs I subscribe to appear automatically.

Setting up a feed

To set up automatic feeds from the Way? copy the URL of the blogpage, go to your feed reader and add that blog’s URL, and that should work fine.

Alternatively, you can add a gadget on your Google home page

Use Facebook

There is a ‘the Way?’ page on Facebook. If you ‘like’ that page, you will get a notification in your Facebook news feed every time I write on the the Way? wall. Since I notify when I make most new posts, you’ll keep up to date that way.


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