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It seems to be traditional to commence a blog with a slightly idealistic explanation of what you hope it’s going to be about. And who am I to fight tradition?
I have spent almost 50 years as a “christian” (a word with too many connotations for me these days), and I seem to have not stopped learning and changing in that time. In recent years I have met, mostly on the web but also in person, many believers who struggle with some aspects of their faith that they feel no longer seems right. They don’t  have significant doubts about Jesus, but they do have doubts about some of what they have been taught.
The world is changing (it’s always changing, but it seems faster and more drastic these days) and we may need to keep adapting. But how does our belief adapt? Which bits are not negotiable and which bits are flexible?
I doubt anyone has more than a handful of answers, but together we probably have many helpful ideas. So this blog, and the website that sits behind it, is my attempt to address some of these issues and seek comment and input, in the hope that together we may “see him more clearly, love him more dearly and follow him more nearly” in this 21st century.
If you have chanced upon this website and are not a believer, and want to consider the reasons to believe, may I recommend my other website is there a god.
One more thing.I am not interested in argument, but discussion. All and any viewpoint is welcome as long as you are being friendly and constructive.
So, welcome, please come back, and please offer your ideas.

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