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Why did Jesus come to earth?

Whatever christians disagree on, we all pretty much agree that Jesus’ life on earth was pivotal in world history. But what was the purpose of his life? On that, you’ll get some different answers.

Jesus in history

Jesus is no longer a sacred subject in our culture. Scholars feel free to cast doubts on almost any aspect of his life and construct counter-hypotheses to explain his life. Internet ‘instant experts’ confidently state that he didn’t exist. Some christians are deeply disturbed by these claims and doubts. And we may all find it […]

Jesus and history

This is the second in a series of posts on Jesus and history. Not so many years ago, christians could talk about Jesus and quote the Bible as their authority, and it wasn’t much questioned. People may not have believed in Jesus or followed his teaching, but few doubted he lived and taught and died. […]

Archaeology supports accuracy of John's Gospel

Archaeology can tell us a lot about the world of first century Palestine, where Jesus lived, and this is a great help in understanding the New Testament. But can it tell us much about one of the most basic questions of all: are the New Testament gospels accurate accounts of Jesus’ life, based on eyewitnesses?

Jesus and Islam

Today the Sydney Morning Herald reported (in “He’s not the son of God, just the support act“) that a Sydney Islamic organisation, MyPeace was beginning a campaign “to educate non-Muslims about Islam”. The paper featured the slogan “Jesus: a prophet of Islam”, which will soon be seen on billboards and buses around Sydney. Other billboards […]