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Thinking about the Bible: a conversation between friends

It’s easy to feel puzzled by the Old Testament. Are the stories really true? Did God really command such killing? Join a conversation that explores these questions.

We need less Bible study!

Is Bible study helping us be better disciples of Jesus, or is Bible knowledge actually a substitute for obedience?

Making assumptions about the Bible?

What if many of the assumptions we bring to the Bible are actually questionable?

What do the universe, human race, church and Bible have in common?

Science has given us new understandings of the universe and the evolution of life. Can we learn something of God’s character from all this, and apply this to the Bible?

Callous christians?

The apparent commands of God in the Old Testament to commit genocide have long troubled me, as they should trouble any thoughtful and compassionate person. (I hope I am both!) How could a God of love command such atrocities? I think this problem can be resolved with God’s good name intact, if we understand the […]

Reading the Old Testament

My journey, and maybe your journey too, in understanding the Old Testament and learning to appreciate it and understand the obvious problems.

Making sense of the Exodus

A review of “The Exodus” by Richard Elliott Friedman and “Exodus for Normal People” by Peter Enns. Two books shine light on the truth (and legends) of the exodus of Moses and the Israelites from Egypt. Well worth reading.

Book review: coming to terms with the Old Testament

A review of “Has Archaeology Buried the Bible?” by William Dever, and an assessment of how this informs a christian understanding of the Old Testament.

Worrying you can’t believe in the Old Testament any more

A conversation about how it feels to question the Old Testament while continuing to believe in Jesus.

Getting to know Nazareth

Archaeology continues to reveal new insights into Jesus’ boyhood town and the culture of its inhabitants.