Cosmology, philosophy and theology – what more could you ask for?

Undivided looking

Apparently there are about a quarter of a billion blogs in the world, so it’s a special pleasure when you find one that’s really good.

Of course it depends on what you’re interested in. But one blog I never fail to appreciate is Undivided Looking. Let me introduce you.

Undivided Looking


Aron Wall is a “postdoctoral researcher studying quantum gravity and black hole thermodynamics”. I’m not sure I understand what that means exactly, but one thing it means is that he knows a bit about cosmology. So many of his posts explore aspects of cosmology (e.g. the beginning of the universe and time) and the philosophical arguments for the existence of God that flow from cosmology.

I don’t understand everything (especially if he posts some equations) but I understand enough to get it.


Aron is also a christian, so many of his posts address philosophical and theological subjects (e.g. his 14-part series on fundamental reality, which covers cosmology, consciousness and ethics). Although Aron isn’t trained in philosophy and theology, his scientific rigour and his initial university training in literature and liberal arts helps give his ideas freshness and insight.

What’s with “undivided looking”?

Aron’s title has two meanings for him:

  1. While it is necessary to have specialist knowledge which is narrow in focus, in life it is also good to use common sense to think more broadly about life as a whole.
  2. Jesus said we needed to be “pure in heart” and seeking with all our heart if we want to see God. This requires giving our full and undivided attention.

The love of God

One of my favourite recent posts is For the love of God, which starts with thinking about time, relativity and free will, and ends up as a great affirmation of the love of God, who is not willing that any of us perish, and is like a good shepherd who seeks out the one lost sheep and is willing to give his life to defend his flock.

I think you will enjoy reading it – if you don’t “get” the discussion of the A and B theories of time, keep reading, it will be worth it!

Picture: Undivided looking.

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  1. Tried it, couldn’t understand a thing he said. I’m so glad that, as Jesus said,
    “At that time Jesus answered and said, I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes. Matthew 11:25

  2. I’m sorry. Did you skip past the physics to the theology? if so, and it wasn’t meaningful for you, I’m sorry. We are all different! 🙂

  3. It’s funny how different it can be. I was very impressed by his comments on the B Theory, but less about the theology, despite being basically in agreement that there is free will.

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