Christians, non-violence and the Middle East – more food for thought


I posted a while back on this topic. I have just come across an excellent article on the same topic.

Carl Medearis is a christian who has spent a lot of time in the Middle East, can speak Arabic, and appears to understand the culture and issues. He makes five points taken from the teachings of Jesus.

  1. Christians in western countries should recognise that we haven’t always done the right thing in the Middle East.
  2. If we better understood the difficult situations faced by many in the Middle East, especially when compared to our own opportunities and wealth, we might better understand some of the outcomes.
  3. Are we praying for the salvation of Muslim fighters?
  4. What are the best ways to influence behaviour in a shame culture? (I found this the most interesting comment.)
  5. What if we loved our enemies and did good to them? Could this be a better, and less costly, long term strategy?

I recommend his comments as well worth reading and considering.

Photo Credits: DVIDSHUB and danny.hammontree via Compfight cc

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