Prayer is power sharing?

November 10th, 2011 in Doctrine. Tags: , , , ,

I’m currently reading Knowing Christ Today by Dallas Willard, and I found this quote:

“Prayer is God’s arrangement for a safe power sharing with us in his intention to bless the world through us.”

I like this, because it touches on a number of important things.

God has made us like him

We have consciousness, we have the ability to be rational, ethical and to make choices. We have power to change the way things are, authority to act in certain situations (e.g. as parents in families), and responsibility to use these gifts wisely and for good.

We can’t be trusted with too much power

Our human frailty means that power corrupts.

Prayer allows God’s power to be used on our behalf

Our limited ability (=power) to know the right course and to do it are augmented by God’s unlimited power – if we ask and if he agrees. We must partner with him in projects that he approves.

Our purpose

Our purpose is not just to get to heaven, but to partner with God in establishing his kingdom on earth, and bringing freedom for captives. The good news (= gospel) is bigger than we often allow it to be – see What message?

What are we waiting for?

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