Category: Apologetics

ECREE: extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence?

If you spend time on online religious discussion forums, you’ve probably heard someone say: “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence!” Ever since Carl Sagan said it, this aphorism (often abbreviated to the acronym ECREE) has been used to critique claims of miracles or the paranormal. It sounds neat and logical, and it can help you feel […]

Do healing miracles convince non-believers?

Most of us have heard stories of people being healed after they were prayed for. They encourage our faith and encourage us to keep praying for those we know who need healing. But are they also useful in helping non-believers to believe?

Jesus was just a myth?

If you’ve trawled the internet for very long, you’ve probably come across unbelievers who say Jesus never existed, the stories are simply myths. How to answer them (if we choose to)?

Our brains and religious belief

New scientific studies suggest it is ‘natural’ to believe in God. What are christians to make of this?