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May challenge: 4 men facing death sentence

Amnesty International reports:

“Four journalists in Yemen have been sentenced to death on trumped up charges following grossly unfair trials.

The absurd charges against Akram, Abdelkhaleq, Hareth and Tawfiq  include “creating several websites on the internet and social media.” 

They have been detained, alongside six other journalists, for five years. Abdelkhaleq’s family say that other detainees have heard him screaming as he was being tortured.”

We can help them

Amnesty has an enviable reputation and success rate in assisting prisoners of conscience, political prisoners and people whose human rights have been violated.

When thousands of people write or sign petitions to the governments involved, they take notice (often, not always). Prisoners are released, or given fair trial, when this might not have happened otherwise.

Amnesty has a reputation for being unbiased, highlighting human rights abuses in countries of all political systems, and affecting people of all religions, races and political affiliations.

Help these four journalists

It’s easy. Look up the link, fill in your details. Amnesty does the rest.

Amnesty has had success previously with political prisoners in Yemen. The de facto authorities in Yemen recently pardoned Hamid Haydara, a prisoner of conscience also sentenced to death. Amnesty International followed his flawed trial and campaigned for his death sentence to be squashed for six years.

We can do more

  • For greater impact we can send your protest by letter or email. Most Amnesty campaigns provide the addresses you need.
  • Check out other campaigns on the Amnesty website.
  • Like Amnesty’s Facebook page and receive notices of new campaigns with petitions you can sign. Easy as.
  • Why not ask friends and relatives to join you in advocating on behalf of prisoners of conscience?
  • You could support Amnesty financially or by joining a local group.

I have been a member of my local Amnesty group for a year and a half and have supported their online campaigns for much longer.

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